Welcome to ADESIV

Innovation and Sustainability in the Parquet Flooring Glue and Varnish Sector


We are proud to welcome you to the ADESIV world; we are a company that specialises in the manufacture of high-quality glues and varnishes for parquet flooring. Our mission is to offer exceptional products that not only enhance the beauty of your wood flooring, but also help preserve our environment.


Manufacturing Excellence


ADESIV is committed to maintaining a standard par excellence when it comes to producing its parquet flooring glues and varnishes. We use the most advanced technologies and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to ensure the excellent quality of our products. Each batch of glues and varnishes is subjected to stringent quality controls to ensure compliance with the highest industry standards.

Environmental Sustainability

We understand the importance of protecting our environment and for this reason we have adopted sustainable manufacturing practices throughout the entire process.


A Lush Garden

At our premises, we have cultivated a lush garden that goes well beyond our glue and varnish production activities. We grow pear, cherry and plum trees for in-house consumption, therefore promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for our employees. This garden is a tangible symbol of our commitment to nature and sense of community.


Our Promise

Here at ADESIV, your satisfaction is our priority. We are passionate about providing products that exceed your expectations, whilst preserving our planet for future generations. We will continue to work tirelessly to offer the best glue and varnish solutions for parquet flooring, with an ever-environment-focused angle. We would like to heartily thank everyone who chooses to be a part of our sustainability and quality mission. If you have any questions or would like further information on any of our products, please feel free to contact us. We are at your service.

3750 KG

less waste produced

34553 KG

less fossil fuel consumption

37978 L

litres of water saved

533 KG

less of carbon dioxide produced

100 %

recycled material